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Japanese Schoolgirls Spanking Punishment

Japanese Schoolgirl Spanking Punishment
Naughty Japanese schoolgirls get severe spanking punishments with heavy wooden paddle! The girls have been behaving badly in class and their teacher decides to make an example of the misbehaving teens. She calls the rowdy offenders up to the front of the classroom and orders the schoolgirls to remove their panties and gives them a humiliating spanking in front of the entire class!!

Belinda Lawson Spanked Over Panties

Belinda Lawson Spanked Over Panties
Naughty Belinda Lawson spanked over lacy with panties! Her professor spanks her bottom good and hard in the name of science. Belinda has agreed to a research study focused on corporal punishment in the classroom and she wants to see how much punishment her beautiful bottom can take! Her denim jeans are removed and she paddled hard over panties as her naughty bottom glows bright red!