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Backseat Pussy Spanking

Backseat Pussy Spanking for Kami Robertson at Spanking Sarah

Young Kami Robertson gets a hard bare bottom strapping and painful pussy spanking when she tries to cheat the taxi driver out of cab fare! When this naughty teen gets caught attempting to sneak away without paying the cabbie teaches her a painful lesson with a backseat pussy spanking on her tight teen twat!

Veronica Strapped By Mommy

Veronica Strapped By Mommy
Veronica Ricci has been away at school for quite some time now. So when her mommy comes to visit she’s very unhappy with her little girls behavior. Veronica knows better than to disappoint her mother. When she does mommy gives her naughty daughter a humiliating nude spanking and severe strapping with a think leather belt!

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