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Japanese Schoolgirls Spanking Punishment

Japanese Schoolgirl Spanking Punishment
Naughty Japanese schoolgirls get severe spanking punishments with heavy wooden paddle! The girls have been behaving badly in class and their teacher decides to make an example of the misbehaving teens. She calls the rowdy offenders up to the front of the classroom and orders the schoolgirls to remove their panties and gives them a humiliating spanking in front of the entire class!!

Sailor Moon Cosplay Spanking

Sailor Moon Cosplay Spanking
Asian teen dressed as Sailor Moon for a cosplay party gets spanked with a large wooden paddle. When she comes home late from the cosplay party with her friends, her mother is waiting. She’s not empty handed though. She’s carrying the punishment paddle and she gives her teenage daughter a hard spanking in her sailor moon cosplay costume!