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Sexy Lawyer Pandora Blake Spanked OTK With Hairbrush

Pandora Blake Spanked With Hairbrush
Sexy lawyer Pandora Blake learns a harsh lesson when her client gives her an otk hairbrush spanking on her big round bottom! She’s offended her client Clare Fonda and she pays the price with she’s put over the knee and spanked hard. First with a bare hand and then a heavy hairbrush that Clare just so happens to be carrying in her purse. Pandora Blake cries out in pain as the hairbrush slaps her big bottom leaving her bottom marked and red!

Naughty Nude Lesbian Hairbrush Spanking

Naughty Nude Lesbian Hairbrush Spanking
Naughty nude lesbian gets spanked hard on her bare bottom with wooden hairbrush! Allison Tyler gives her sexy boss Gigi Allens and otk hairbrush spanking on her nude bottom! She’s spanked until she’s red and sore! Her bottom burns from the sting of the large wooden hairbrush as it slaps against her exposed ass! Once Allison is finished spanking Gigi she gives her some loving aftercare with naughty nude lesbian kissing to offset the sting in her bottom!