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Sexy Lesbian Spanked OTK

Sexy Lesbian Spanked OTK Bare Bottom Gigi Allens
Gigi Allens gets bent over her roommate’s knee for another bare bottom lesbian spanking! Her round bottom is still sore for the last time she was spanked by her roomie Allison Tyler. This naughty lesbian couple trade firm handed smacks to each others sexy bottoms at Girl Spanks Girl!

Sorority Girl Spanked OTK

Sorority Girl Getting Spanked OTK
Naughty sorority girl Riley Moore gets put over-the-knee for a hard bare bottom spanking punishment by her sorority sister Sadie Holmes when she loses the big volleyball game! Her gym shorts pulled down exposing her sexy teen ass for a hard hand spanking at SpankingSororityGirls.com!

Jordyn Playing Spanking Games

Jordyn Playing Spanking Games
Jordyn plays spanking games with her schoolmate Betty ends in red sore bottoms for both girls! Jordyn rolls the dice and whatever number is rolled that’s how many swats she must take from Betty! The girls take turns rolling dice during this spanking game and give each other hard spankings that leave both girls bottoms cherry red!!